17 dicembre 2007


Case Study #14
Cincinnati, OH
Name: Linda Bonds

Regression Session
September 2, 2005
Hypnotherapist: Peggy Gorsuch

The following regression summary is the first of three summaries. The second and third regression summaries are of her children who may also be possible abductees.

With this regression Peggy has asked the subconscious to come forward and talk. This is the first time this has been tried. Exploration into this new phenomena will continue with future regressions to learn if the subconscious, or the aliens have decided to speak through the subjects. The use of the words WE and US suggest it is something other then the subconscious that is speaking. We also noted a difference in speech patterns. Linda's voice spoke slowly and almost mechanically.

Peggy speaking to the subconscious says she would like to ask a question that Linda has. Linda is concerned about spiritual development. She feels she has had contact with beings from other places. Peggy asks if they can us some information for Linda about her spiritual growth?

Linda speaking in a a different voice pattern says that she is willing to make connections to people. People respond to her. She gives energy to others. This is her reason for now. A shift needs to be made. The shift is good. People need to think and act and then they may shift.

Peggy asks about the term
US being used in parts of Linda's statements. The answer from Linda was....It is we...We are here. We reach down to make this clear. What do you want to know? Peggy asks if these are the beings she has made contact with and the answer was yes.

What have they been doing to Linda? They say they have been tuning her and she has progressed well she is a catalyst on a cosmic level. She has the ability to communicate. They will speak to her at night.

Peggy want to know if Linda had ever been like them and they say that she is like them now. When Peggy asks where they come from they only answer, another world.

Peggy asks if they know anything about some pregnancies that Linda has had. They tell Peggy that Linda had make a commitment to produce children for the future human race and that she had seem them on the craft.

What is going to happen in the next one hundred years is asked? The answer, there is light at the end of the tunnel and humans will struggle but people must learn to raise their frequencies. There will be a transcendence that is virtually alarming for those that choose to and dimorphism will occur.

Peggy wants to know if Linda's son, who has had nose bleeds is connected in theses experiences. The response was he had a tracking device but that their technology was more refined now and that the device was no longer necessary for them.

Before wrapping up the regression session the beings say there is a deep love between Linda and her son will always meet in their eyes and that Linda needs to trust inherently her feelings because they lead her directly to them.

Linda has agreed to another regression. She would like to learn more about her experiences.

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